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Green Lake Dental Care - Yelp

They are always kind, caring, professional and all around amazing!  They helped me to get over my fear of dentists and have been super supportive in establishing a care plan for me.

-Meghan W.

I've been going to Green Lake Dental Care for several years and have had nothing but great experiences.  Or, at least as great an experience as dental work can be.  Email reminders, responsive staff, very capable assistants, and highly-skilled and caring dentists.  For the most part, I've had Dr. Mulligan, and I think she's wonderful.  She recently did some restoration work, and I was really happy with the results.  She obviously takes great pride in her work, and I think she's as much an artist as she is a dentist.

-James C.

Green Lake Dental has moved downstairs to totally upgraded, posh digs. It is truly beautiful. There's even a cute little "cave" area for kids to play in with a little TV that plays kids movies (at least I think it does - I couldn't squeeze my extralargeness in there to confirm.

Dr. Ross has retired, and Dr. Meghan has joined the practice with the wonderful Dr. Sarah. All the other awesome hygienists are the same - as is the friendly and competent front desk staff. 

We recently took our one year old to see Dr. Sarah for her First Ever Dentist Appointment. She loved it so much she didn't want to leave.

-Kandi B.

I've had great experiences here. It had been a while since I'd last gone to the dentist so I needed some work done, but never, in any of my appointments, from any one in the office did I ever hear a condescending comment or tone. No "you could of prevented this." "You should of flossed more" It was all positive vibes. Which is one of the best things I can think of for a dentists office, as a kid I hated hearing that stuff and I think that was a reason I started to avoid them. Also they have a great looking office, and modern looking equipment, which, at least to me, helps inspire confidence in the place. They also have a neat kids area, which I'd totally play in if I weren't a full grown man.

 The front office is great, Linda always went over the paper work with me, let me know when and how much my next appoints would be, how much insurance would cover. (like I said, I needed work done.) Though when I set up the appointment for my crown the office person (NOT Linda, the regular office lady, she was always awesome) forgot to tell me how much it would be. The amount was not insignificant and came as quite a surprise when I called in to check a couple days before the appointment. Though I'll give them a Mulligan on that and chalk it up to her not being so used to setting up appointments and going over the details.

All the serious work I've had done here was by Doctor Crawford and its all been great, I have not had to get any work redone or touched up that includes a crown and fillings. All the fillings color match well and feel solid. I also had my teeth cleaned as well and that went just as well, quick, professional, and positive. 

I'm planning on going back for all future work and maintenance, I'll gladly recommend them to anyone I know.

-Ben S.

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